A Final Farewell

As we wrap up our incredible, immersive learning experience in India, our team can’t help but reflect on how lucky we are to have gone on this journey. As aspiring innovators and leaders, we are challenged to address unfamiliar problems that have the potential to have global impact. This experience allowed our team to conduct meaningful, ethnographic research in a healthcare environment very similar, but also very different from the one we have always known. 

We have learned many physicians primary focus is to relieve pain in their patients, and deliver the best quality care while considering all of the circumstances their patients deal with (cost, recovery time, accessibility). We have identified specific criteria that drives technology adoption in a developing market. Within the anesthesia care pathway, our team has focused in on numerous areas of interest that have potential to impact patient monitoring, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes. We have also learned about the direction of Indian healthcare in the near future, proving to be ripe for innovation opportunities within preventative medicine that can impact such a large population. Beyond our educational experience, we have spent a month immersed in a rich, welcoming culture of great (spicy) food and wonderful people. 

Much of the challenge of innovation is identifying the correct problem to solve. Deep understanding of difficulties that clinicians face and the landscape surrounding them is critical in developing viable solutions. When our team returns to the states, we will all decide on which problem is most worthy to solve, from a clinical and business perspective. We look forward to getting back to the US to continue work on both our US and Global Health projects. Before then, we get a 3 day layover in Copenhagen, Denmark to enjoy some days off!   Thank you all for taking the time to follow along with our journey, we are excited to work hard on developing something impactful from our trip!

-The Team

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