Visit to Medtronic Innovation Center

On Monday this week, our team had a fantastic opportunity to visit the Medtronic Engineering and Innovation Center in Hyderabad, India. We spoke with engineers and senior managers directing product development initiatives for Medtronic, including StealthStation precision surgical navigation system and remote pacemaker data acquisition. We presented our collaborative work with Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies […]

Clinical Immersion: Day 1

Day 1 is coming to a quick end. The team had an amazing time shadowing anesthesiologists from Yashoda Hospitals in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. We saw some spine surgeries, an umbilical hernioplasty, an anal fistuloplasty, partial hypertrophic prostate resection, and a craniotomy for traumatic brain injury. Looking forward to seeing the endoscopic spinal surgery tomorrow, a new […]

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